US Markings


These markings are specific to the US but may also be used by other nations.

Body and marking colours

Colour of Body
Olive Green Body Normally used for operational purposes (Camoflage), Can be found on HE, Anti tank, smoke, and other munitions  
Grey body In early grenades (WWI and shortly after) indicated a filled grenade, thereafter denotes a chemical filled munition  
Light Red Body Incendiary grenade  
Black Body Offensive grenade, early training grenades, may indicate Armour defeating munition  
Yellow Body Prior to 1942 indicated an HE filled munition. old marking
Blue Body Indicates a Practice munition  
White or unpainted body Initially used for illumination grenades or ammunition  
Bronze body Indicates completely inert munitions  
Light Green body Indicates a smoke filled munition  
Silver/Aluminum Identifies countermeasure ammunition  


Colour of Markings
Yellow Indicates HE ammunition or the presence of HE.  
White Found on Practice munitions  
Brown Indicates a Low explosive item or components or presence of low explosive  
Violet Indicates an incapacitating agent filling (Gas eg CN or CS) old marking
Dark Green Indicates a toxic agent filling  
Dark Red Indicates a riot control filling  

The colours Black or White, when used for lettering or marking have no colour coding significance.

Lot numbers defined


Lot number ABC-8-124

ABC 8 124
Manufacturers ID Symbol Interfix number Serial number


Lot number AMC 75 D 018 124 B

AMC 75 D 018 124 B
Manufacturers ID Symbol Year of Manufacture Single digit for Month of manufacture Lot interfix number Lot sequence number Ammunition Lot sequence

Manufacturers Markings

A Apex Metal Stamping Co.  
AA Alcan Aluminum Corp.  
AAD Atlanta Army Depot  
ABJ Allied Chemical Corp.  
ABP Alabama Ord. Works  
ADC Accurate Die Casting Co.  
AF American Fireworks Co. New Jersey
AKT Action Manufacturing  
ALA Alabama Army Ammunition Plant  
AMR Amram Mfg. Corp. Vineland NJ
AOP Arkansas Ordnance Plant  
AR American Radiator Co.  
B Bassick Company  
BA Benicia Arsenal Benicia, California.
BB Burnham Boiler Corp. Zaneville OH
BCA Benicia Arsenal Benicia, California.
BEA Benecia Army Depot  
BFW Brocks Fireworks Ltd. England
BGI Borg Ordnance Inc.  
BII Bradar Industries Inc. New Hyde Park, NY
BMC Budd Mfg. Co.  
BOI Bay Ordnance Inc.  
BOP Bluebonnet Ordnance Plant  
BTA Aerojet Ordnance Mfg. Corp.  
BWD Brunswick Corp, Defense Products Lincoln NE
BWG Brunswick Corp, Tech Products Sugar Grove, VA
C Crane Burns City, IN
CAD US Army Ammo Depot  
CBOD Curtis Bay Ordnance Depot  
CME Camden Mfg Co. Camden, AR
COD Charleston Ordnance Depot  
COL Colt Firearms, Pyrodynamics Atglen, PA
COP Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant  
CRA Crane Army Ammunition Activity  
DAG Dynamit Nobel  
DAQ Canadian Arsenal Ltd (Dominion Arms, Quebec)  
DCO Dow Chemical Co.  
DEI Defense Industries  
DOD Delaware Ordnance Depot  
DUQ Dupont Corp, Newport Army Ammunition Plant  
EA Edgewood Arsenal  
ECN Explosives Corp of America  
EDI Explosive Devices Inc.  
EK Eastman Kodak  
EKK Eastman Kodak  
ENB Ensign and Bickford Aerospace Inc.  
EMZ Eurometaal Netherlands
EOP Elwood Ordnance Plant  
ETI Explosive Technology Inc.  
F in a diamond Flagg Fittings  (Stanley G. Flagg & Co.) Philadelphia PA
FA Frankford Arsenal  
FC Federal Cartrridge Corp  
FCK Federal Cartridge Corp  
FDL Federal Laboratories Inc. Saltzberg, PA
FLI Flight Systems Inc.  
FSA US Armaments Corp.  
G Grabler Co.  
GAW Gateway Army Ammunition Plant  
GDM Martin Marietta Ordnance Systems Inc.  
GOI Gerhart-Owens Industries Fort Worth, TX
GOP Gulf Ordnance Plant  
GR Green River Ordnance Plant  
GSF Golden State Fireworks Co.  
H Hornestake Mine Corporation Lead, South Dakota
HA Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot Hawthorne, NV
HA Harvey Aluminum Inc.  
HAW Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot Hawthorne, NV
HI Hawaiian Ordnance Plant  
HMC Hornestake Mine Corporation Lead, South Dakota
HOL Holston Army Ammunition Plant  
HOW Holston Army Ammunition Plant  
HPC Hercules Powder Co.  
HRV Harville-Kilgore Corp. Bolovar, TN
IA Indiana Army Ammunition Plant  
IL Illinois Ordnance Plant  
IOP Iowa Ordnance Plant Burlington Iowa
JA Joliet Army Ammunition Plant Joliet IL
K Eastman Kodak  
KN Kansas Ordnance Plant  
KOP Kingsbury Ordnance Plant  
L Littlestown Foundry Littlestown PA
L (in diamond) Littlestown Foundry and Hardware Littlestown PA
LNX Lynx Incorporated Elkton, MD
LOP Louisiana Ordnance Plant Shreveport, LA
LOW Longhorn Ordnance Works Marshall, TX
LS Lone Star Ordnance Plant Texarkana, TX
MA Milan Army Ammunition Plant Milan TN
MAI Maryland Assemblies Inc. Perry, FL
MDC Dynamic Corp. of America Hingham MA
MECAR S.A. Belge de Mecanique et d'Armement Belgium
MEI Martin Electronics Inc. Perry, FL
MSO Maxson Electric Corp. Macon, GA
NC New Cumberland Army Depot New Cumberland PA
NCI Northrop Carolina Inc. Ashville, NC
NOD Nansemond Ordnance Plant  
NOP Nebraska Ordnance Plant  
OA Ogden Arsenal (WWII)  
OA Ordnance Associates Inc. South Pasadena, CA
OOP Oak Ordnance Plant  
OPI Ordnance Associates Inc. Northeast MD
PA Picatinny Arsenal Dover NJ
PAL Penguin Associates Inc. Parkesburg, PA
PB Pine Bluff Arsenal Little Rock, AR
PBA Pine Bluff Arsenal Little Rock, AR
PCD Panama Canal Depot  
PMC Practical Mfg, Co. Hopkins MN
POP Pantex Ordnance Plant  
PP Portland Penninsula Portland OR
RA Raritan Arsenal  
RD Redstone Ordnance Plant  
RFX Richmond Foudry & Mfg Co. Inc. Richmond VA
RIA Rock Island Arsenal  
RMA Rocky Mountain Arsenal Denver, CO
ROP Ravenna Ordnance Plant  
stylized "S" Shumaker Naval Ammunition Depot Camden AR
S (in oval)    
S Spacke Machine and Tool Co. Indianapolis IN
SAOD San Antonio Ordnance Depot  
SC Scioto Ordnance Plant  
SOD Savanna Ordnance Depot  
SOP Sangamon Ordnance Plant  
SWP Smith and Wesson Pyrotechnics Jefferson, OH
TAC Talley Industries Inc. Mesa, AZ
UAMCO Universal Automatic Machine Co. Marshall, TX
UCH United Chemical Corp. Lancaster, PA
UMO Universal Match Corp. Phoenix, AZ
UNV Universal Match Corp Phoenix, AZ
UOD Umatilla Ordnance Depot, Hermiston OR
VOP Vigo Ordnance Plant  
UPC Universal Welder Corp.  
UPCO Universal Propulsion Corp Fairfield CA
WC Wolf Creek Ordnance Plant  
WE Weber Engine