Links of Interest



                British Ordnance Collectors Network A great site, lots of information, lots of very knowledgable people only too happy to help                
  Lexpev Huge amount of information, photos, and downloads from this site.  
  Lone Sentry Lots of information to troll through, some useful documents can be downloaded  
  Artiglieria In Italian, by Bruno Marcusso, Interesting site with artillery, grenades, and other items.  
  The Mills Grenade Collectors Site Dave Sampson has done a great job of collecting up the bits and pieces dealing with the Mills bomb and SOE Items  
  Wk2 Ammo Mostly in German, but a wonderful site for information.  
  Inert Ord Eds site, Lots of information and photos  
  Munitions Technology International Good site, great photos  
  Defense Technical Information Centre Incredible amount of information to be found here.  You have to search, but its worth it. Site for Argentine Grenades and other ammunition.