French Markings

There are certain codes on French grenades that give the type of grenade, used in conjunction with color markings it will serve to identify the grenades as to type.

Code Meaning Location
Gr Ma Hand grenade In designation
Gr Fl Rifle grenade In designation
Of Offensive In designation, eg.  "Gr Ma Of 37"
Df Defensive In designation, eg "Gr Ma Df 37/46"
PH Phosphorous in circle on body
Fum Smoke In designation eg. "Gr Ma Fum 56"
X Practice In designation, eg "Gr Ma Of X 37"
Lac Gas (lachrymatory) In designation eg. "Gr Ma Lac 59"
AP Anti personnel
AC Anti tank In designation, eg "Gr Fl AC 65-61"
AP-AV Anti personnel anti vehicle In designation, eg "Gr Fl AP-AV 40-F1"
Inertes Inert

These markings can all be combined to form the designation of the grenade, for example "Gr Fl Fum X 40-F1" can be translated as Rifle grenade, Smoke, Practice 40-F1


Erich has sent some information in on the various colours seen on French DF37 grenades.  We have all seen many different colour combinations and wondered what they meant, here is some information to help with French grenades in general.  If anyone has corrections or additions, please send them in.

Colour of  Top Colour of Bottom Colour of Markings Description
 Yellow Red Black Explosive- Schneiderite
Yellow Yellow Black Explosive- Tolite
Green Green Yellow Explosive- Tolite
Black Blue Black Exercise Grenade, filling Black Powder
Blue Blue White Exercise grenade, Filling Black Powder
Blue Blue Yellow Exercise grenade, Filling Black Powder
White White Blue Training, no filling
Orange Orange Black Training, no filling

Manufacturers Marks


Atelier de Construction de Rennes


Ecole Centrale de Pyrotechnie de Bourges


Ets. Luchaire S.A., La Chapelle, St. Ursin


Societe E. Lacroix




Societe des Acrieres de Pompey


Ruggieri Technologie Mazares


Etablissements Rey a Nimes


SAE Alsetex, Paris


Societe d'Etudes de Realisations et d'Applications Techniques






Societe Technique de Recherches Industrielles et Mecaniques


Societe des Artifices Titan